Assist is a software that enables field operators to view complete information required for MRO activities, through smartphones/tabs and AR­-powered Smartglasses.

Assist can be thought of as two modules -

  1. Self-Assist mode: In this mode, a field operator/technician can see and perform all the SOPs by himself.
  2. Remote-Assist mode: In this mode, a field operator can get in touch with one (or more) remote ­expert(s) in a different geographical location to seek live support.

The following terms will be used throughout the documentation for Assist:

Term Meaning
SOP Standard Operating Procedure [set of step-by-step instructions compiled by the organization to help workers carry out complex operations].

An SOP helps achieve efficiency and quality output while reducing miscommunication.

There are two types of SOPs any technician can work on: Sequential SOPs Conditional SOPs. | | Job | Job is a task done by a worker/technician which could be maintenance work/inspection. It is the digital form of an SOP which includes interactive options like images, videos, PDFs that help the technician to do his job better. A job can be broken down into further steps to provide more clarity to the technician. | | Tool | Tool is an object that helps the technician modify the features of surrounding environment/object in order to perform tasks outlined in the SOP efficiently. | | Machine/Machine parts | Every job is created for a “machine” or a “machine part”.

Additionally, when a machine is created. the technician can add as many machine parts to it. These machine parts are assigned/linked to that particular machine, even when a job is created against a machine. |

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